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Winchester 231

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Found a good load for Wild Bunch, using WST, ran out, and could not find it.  Now I am using Winchester 231, don't have a chronograph, will 4.8 grs. of 231 behind a 200 gr. LSWC, shot from a full sized 1911, make power factor?  Thanks
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I've been using 5.7 grains of W231 with a 200 grain LSWC as my "Wild Bunch legal load". It averages out at 843.2 FPS (PF 168.4) and 811.8 FPS( PF 162.3) out here in Alberta in my Series '70. Legendary Lawman, See you and Serenity at Winter Range.


Dapper Dynamite Dick

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Update  I borrowed a chrongraph, and shot some loads past it.  I used 4.8gr. of 231...and 4.9gr of 231, all behind a 200 gr.LSWC bullet.  The results were all over the place, had about 47 FPS variance.    Some would have made the 150 power factor, and other...no way.  I traced the variance to the fact the some of the bullets had been loaded, about 3 times, and never been shot.  They were taken apart, reloaded, etc.  I think, every time I reloaded them, the crimp squished the bullet to a smaller diameter, causing inconsistent bullet pull.  I reloaded new bullets, behind 5.0gr. of 231, and all is well.  I took 5th place, in the Michigan Range war mini 4 stage match.


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