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¿This makes no sense to me?

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I must admit this change makes no sense to me?


From Stage Disqualifications, page 21:


• Shooting on the move. (Violation of the “Basketball Traveling Rule.”)


From pages 23-24:


1. The rules for movement (Basketball Traveling rule) does not pertain to shooting on the move. Shooting on the move is expressly disallowed. (SDQ) The “basketball traveling rule” was originally intended to pertain to a competitor who inadvertently cocks a firearm in a position other than the designated firing position or was moving both feet whilst engaging targets at the firing position. One foot may be moved to adjust stance or correct balance. The Basketball Traveling rule was not intended to relate to multiple movements between shots. (e.g., Shooting multiple shots during continuous movement.)


And from the Glossary of Terms, page 28:


Basketball Traveling Rule – aka movement with a firearm. Once the firearm is cocked, one foot must remain in place on the ground until the firearm is made safe. This means after the pistol is first charged one may move when the slide is locked open and the trigger finger is outside the trigger guard. One may move with a rifle or shotgun when the action is open or hammer down on an empty chamber or an expended case action closed.


First, it seems to me that there are contradictory statements.  Either "shooting on the move" is "basketball travel" or it is not, i.e. moving both feet with a round under hammer.  Second, if it is not, then what is "shooting on the move?"  and why were the first two quotes added to the rules?



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I heard someone say that the "new" "concept" was that a shooter had to finish a shooting string in the same position as where it was started.


I dunno if that's the intent of the "new" rule or not.  Just something I heard a noted TG report.


As I watch basketball as it is played these days, I wonder what has happened to the basketball traveling rule -- in basketball.  But, of course, that's another story.


R.I.P. James Naismith.

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I was told that we had to use the SASS definitions. So even though they may be poorly worded what they meant to say was: You must completely stop at any time you are shooting a firearm if you are moving across or down range during a shooting string. In other words, you CAN shoot from multiple positions between point A and B but you must completely stop before firing a round. (and you can "adjust" only one foot once stopped) This whole thing came about because some shooters (primarily with '97 shotguns) were steping and firing at essentially the same time. So while technically they had one foot not moving while firing they were for all practical purposes firing while moving. That is forbidden in all SASS ground shooting venues.
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