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73 Rifle in 45 ACP

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Goatneck's and Dusty Boddom's both run really well.  Mine has had problems that have nothing to do with the conversion.  I think the concept is sound.  Remember you are going from a rimmed cartridge to a rimless that head-spaces on the case mouth.  So internal timing is all the more critical.


Two things I would do differently.  First, start with a new rifle.  Most of my headaches are due to using a rifle I had shot a lot for a couple years.  Second, have whoever does the conversion also do the action job.


I had mine done because I hate loading 45 Colt and I liked the idea of using the same ammo for both the pistol and the rifle.  I'd do it again.



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J frank, when I first thought of the idea of a 73 in 45 acp it was because I wanted to shoot one round out of rifle and pistol and not have to count to make sure I had enough carbine ammo. Of course it's got to be remembered that I'm not a gunsmith so I talked to some gunsmiths and they said absolutely not no way no how. Luckily I had the ability of an 6th  grade education and was able to read a tape measure. Hired the barrel set back which is critical and piece milled the rest together and as they say the rest is history. As a side note the first conversion I did was to a marlin to 45acp the second gun was the 73. The marlin had the ability to make a person drink whiskey and say naughty words! The 73 was a piece of cake by comparison. Couple of things I noticed about my conversions were they are more accurate and no blow by. What's your rifle doing?  Dusty
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