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94 AE w/Safety

Col Del Rio

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To speak about safety directly, WB rules don't care if your long guns have a safety, don't have one, or the safety is pinned in Fire position. Just no external mods.


And, yeah, that 94 is a clunky gun that will occasionally jam up when running it fast.  regardless of what smithing is done to it.  It runs fine with rifle length chamberings, not with pistol cartridges at the speed we need.


Good luck, GJ

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Buying because you planned it and tried it and really needed it, is a WHOLE lot better than buying because the seller HAS to get rid of it.  None of a seller's reasons matter - if you are looking for using it for YOUR purposes.


Sorry, that's just the way of Cowboy competition shooting.  Fortunately, there is usually a way for a gun that just doesn't work for you can be converted to something (e.g., another gun) that does work fine.


Good luck, GJ

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