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Ambassadors List?

Back 40

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Thanks Marshall, but I was wanting the complete list and KingSnake supplied it.

Me and the missus is gonna make it up to Alaska this summer!  Finally!


Back 40;


Just an FWI that list is from 2012. there have been ambassadors added since that list.


Look forward to seeing you this summer. do you know yet when you will be there?


Marshal Stone

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I would provide it if I had it...I only have the old one from 2012...which is WAY out of date...If all of the ambassadors want to message me their info, I'll create a new list. :D


By the way...Daddy's new heart valve is working great....can't hardly keep him out of trouble now! Amazing!


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I know this sounds bad, but even I am not completely sure about the list. Clyde made some changes that I am not sure about and he didn't communicate everything. To the best of my knowledge the only person who has an accurate list is Slipnoose.  Nellie, will you please contact her and make up a correct list. One for general publication with areas covered and one closed with current phone#'s email, mailing addresses etc. to post on the closed wire.    THANKS
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