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Used 1911

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My local Sportsmans has this Ruger 1911 in stock for $849. 


They also have a used for that was $600-$650 (I can't recall the exact price). They have trigger locks on them now so I didn't pull the trigger but I did run the slide and everything felt nice and smooth. I didn't notice any obvious issues with it. Any concern with picking this used one up for Wildbunch? Or should I potentially save myself the headache and just get the new one?

If I do go with new, in WildBunch is there any incentive to spend the extra $100-$150 for the Target Model that has the adjustable rear sight?

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What category do you intend to shoot (Traditional - one handed, or Modern - two handed)?   Gotta decide that before ANYTHING else, because you may get a gun that won't fit in the category without a lot of work (even more cost and time delay).

If you can't answer that, and even if you can, go out to matches and try guns out.   Buying just because something caught your eye may work for plinking type shooting (nothing on the line), but it is usually less than a good choice when jumping into the game where you will want to do as well as you can compared to other shooters in your category.

That Ruger 1911 Standard is a modern gun (to Wild Bunch rules) because of the rear sight (even though it is a non-adjustable sight system), but with very few of the allowed modern upgrades.  If you are prone to want to try all the bells and whistles for your guns, you would be starting very low on the ladder and have to spend bunches to upgrade that model.   That Ruger is kind of in-between categories - illegal for Traditional and not capable enough to keep up with some of the top Modern shooters without a lot of work.

Then you ask about a "used" but didn't tell us a used what, and in what kind of condition.   Again, those things matter.    A used Colt or a used RIA - there would be almost no comparison because the Colt is likely twice the shooter's gun than the RIA.


Sounds like you really need more experience with what you want to do in WB and what gun you really want, before plunking down ANY money.    Get out to a local match - they should be starting up soon even if they did not run this winter.  I buy with intent and plan, rather than just because something might be on the shelf.  I rarely have enjoyed guns that were "in stock" or on the used gun rack, and really enjoy something ordered that met my expectations all the way around, or a used gun that the original owner wanted to sell face-to-face to upgrade to something newer.

good luck, GJ



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I shot a match in Modern a few days ago with my Sig 1911, but it's not legal with it's tritium/fiber optic sights. It's also a custom engraved one from my Iraq deployment so I don't particularly want to use and abuse it too much or bother with swapping out sights. 

I plan to stay Modern, I shoot "one handed" in CAS (Gunfighter). I'll stick to 2 handed for my semi-autos. 

The used gun was the same standard Ruger 1911. Sorry I missed a few words on that sentence. 

I read a few threads about 1911's on here but most are asking about the Traditional category and the one or 2 Modern ones I found seemed to be saying Ruger, though they didn't go into details. 

What are modern upgrades you'd suggest I look for? I read through the handbook but it mostly tells you what you can't have rather than what you can have. I'm not real familiar with 1911's and had to Google some terms like a dust cover. When I think of a dust cover I picture something that covers the ejection port and not the recoil spring/rod. 

Thanks for any help!

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I believe you will get a MUCH more accurate list of the Modern features that good shooters look for in a Modern gun if you wait for a good Modern category shooter to chime in.  I've shot Traditional with a Colt Government Series 70 for all my time in Wild Bunch.  

But I'd start with at least considering:

* highest possible performance/reliability from magazines (not just sticking with maker's magazines without trying others)

* fully adjustable rear sights

* front slide serrations (in addition to those on rear of slide)

* front grip frame and trigger guard checkering (checkering can really be any style, too)

* relieved/lowered ejection port

* beavertail grip safety

* beveled magazine well

* extended length mag release button and slide release, if you find that helps your speed  (since we never have to engage the thumb safety, it matters little if it is upgraded)

* full length recoil spring guide, if you like those

* match trigger

* no firing pin interlock safety

It's always good to take a look at some of the higher end models from Wilson, Baer, Kimber, etc. to see the common "upgraded features" the market is making available today.   And to get out to local matches and ask in person.

good luck, GJ


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the advice. I'll do some more research with this information.

My local match consisted of 7 shooters counting me. 5 of us had never shot wild bunch before, 1 was using a sub-$400 RIA that should be  Traditional legal. The last guy was good but I'm not sure what he was using. I think it was also a gun that was legal in Traditional, though he was shooting modern. He was going to shoot the WB match at EOT but he slipped on ice the week before and messed up his shoulder. He has surgery this week I believe and won't be able to shoot for several months now. 

Anyway all that to say that my local guys may not be a lot of help. Though I could ask since they will at least have some knowledge on the subject. 

I haven't seen the scores yet but listening to the times at the match I won't be surprised if I took 1st. 

This is the guy with the bad shoulder that isn't supposed to be shooting. 


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Ruger is a great place to start. I bought one and took it to a state match after running 50 rounds through it, not a hiccup. It later went to my son after 20,000 rounds. The Ruger mags worked well too. I passed it on after I had enough experience shooting WB to know what I wanted in a WB pistol. Iwent with a Colt Wiley Clapp tuned by Boggus Deal. That $600 used one would have went out the door in my hands.


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