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Winter Range Update, update


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I have asked if we can go to 7 posse instead of 5 to lighten the load since we have 10 separate stages to work with this year.  It is pretty late to change things so it may not happen.


In the interest of getting done as soon as possible we ill have to run the stages in a very efficient manner so I have some suggestions.


Upon completing the stage have the shooters pick up their guns and go to the unloading table without picking up any mags.  Sometimes a shooter will kill a min or two looking for mags.  It is the duty of the posse to get  the mags to the shooter.  There will be no brass pickup so we can save some time here.


Have the next shooter ready to go.


Everyone needs to help.  If someone is sitting down and not helping most of the time ask them to help.  If someone is old or sick or just too tired that is ok but we need everyone that can to help.  Some folks cannot bend over to pick up mags so find them another job for them..


Having said all this please remember we are at a National event and everyone wants to do well so do not put undo pressure on everyone by trying to herd them through like cattle. Everyone can get set without being rushed, get their head straight and still run the stage efficiently.  The real time wasting is standing around talking, hunting for mags, not having folks at the loading table, taking forever getting to the stage, taking forever explaining the stage with lots of stories, jokes etc.


No one needs to feel rushed or pressured.  Get to the new stage as fast as you can.  As soon as everyone is present explain the stage and answer questions then get everyone going. Have shooters ready to go at the loading table.  Get off the line when you are finished shooting.  Do not hang around looking for mags.  The posse will do that. Assign jobs to make sure mags are picked up, targets reset, and the stage reset if necessary.  If you feel rushed go to the back of the line at the shooting table and get settled.  We want you to do well.


If all this is done you should have plenty of time to sit down and think a little and rest for a few min. during each stage.  If you are tired or not feeling well sit down and relax.


Assign people to set targets if necessary or reset the stage if needed.  I have seen several min lost here alone.


If you are not an experienced timer or spotter do not do either at a National event.  Doing well here is very important to many so let's be sure everyone gets good calls.


Do not get so carried away with getting through the stage quickly you turn into a tyrant and ruin the experience for everyone. Efficiency is the key, not running all over the place like mice.  Have fun but just don't waste a lot of time.  If everyone on the stage takes an extra min goofing off you will add 25 min to the stage.

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Looks like we will have to shoot 5 per day.  We have 10 separate stages but only 5 are available per day.  I am pretty sure the set up crew will be putting up the last five as we are shooting the first 5 and resetting for the CAS match on the first 5 as we shoot the last 5


Not a problem as it will be like the last few years.  We will just have to be sure we run the stages efficiently.


A big thank you to the WR folks for working with us to get all this done.  They have a monumental job in setting up and organizing a very large shooting match.

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