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.45 ACP/.45 Schofield


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Does anyone use LEE .45 Schofield Dies to reload your .45 ACP?  I know that the Schofield Brass is longer than the ACP Brass, but it seems like you should be able to use the same dies for sizing and bullet seating.  I'm not sure about belling the case and activating the powder drop.  I know that the shell holder is different.  Maybe I can save a few bucks if some of the dies are interchangeable.



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Nope, that would NOT be where I would try to save a few dollars!


Schofield sizer will leave brass sized to .480" on the outside rather than .473.  Won't taper crimp.  Probably won't be short enough in some of the dies.  Good .45 auto dies will last forever and you will be much more likely to get the 1911 to cycle flawlessly with properly sized ammo.  Folks have enough problems understanding how to load .45 auto with the correct dies.


Never in a million years would I even try Schofield dies.


Good luck, GJ

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