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Update on WBAS Categories

Happy Jack

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The Committee met at the SHOT show and discussed several items. We also discussed the meeting with the Ambassadors held at the Convention in TX.  Several items concerning the new CAS rules and how they will relate to WBAS rules are still under consideration. Some changes will be made to the WBAS rules because of the CAS changes but NOT immediately.


One item that has been settled is the SENIOR category for WBAS matches. The following had been decided:


The AGE for the Senior category is 65. (If you have already sent out registration for your State Match for 2015 and placed the Senior age at 60 you may use that age this year)

In order to offer a Senior category (SMM, SMT, SLM,SLT) you MUST have ten(10) shooters in the Parent category (MM,MT,LM,LT) and at least five(5) in the corresponding Senior category.

Example: 18 shooters total, 10 sign up for SMM, 8 in MM. You CANNOT have SMM because only 8 are left in MM.

Example: 18 shooters total, 4 sign up for SMM, 14 in MM. You CANNOT have SMM because only 4 are in SMM.


We discussed this with the Wild Bunch members at SHOT and they agee with this policy.


This procedure WILL be in place for ALL WBAS Sanctioned events. (State matches and above)


The entry forms for EOT 2015 have not been sent out and the SENIOR categories WILL be offered in Wild Bunch this year. Sadly, we probably won't have the necessary numbers to offer all 8 possible categories at EOT but we will offer all those that meet the minimum registration numbers.  For CAS at EOT there must be 7 to offer the category, but since our overall numbers are less SASS has agreed to honor the WBAS Senior categories with only 5 shooters.


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