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Colt 1911 parts - need mag rls for '61 GCNM

double vision

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I know many of you have colt 1911s so I hope my question isn't inappropriate for this forum... if it is, apologies up front. :)


Could use some help finding a "stock" mag release for a '61 GCNM.


My preference would be to go with an original colt part from that time period... I'm prepared to refinish it to match the gun... would like the profile to match (vertical lines rather than checkered pattern).


Anyone know where I could find this part?  I would also love to find some original grips for the same gun but I'm not as worried about them as I am replacing the mag release with something "original"...

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Call Turnbull, unless someone on here has some stuff.

I don't know who to contact on exactly which grip emblem was in play at that time. Colt used to be good about getting info like that. My experience is now.... well, lets say not so much.

Colt has had quite a few different emblems.....

Might ask at Turnbull as well on that.

Gunbroker has lots of grips, and, I know, I know. Check E-bay as well.....



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If WBT can't help I doubt anyone on this wire could help. Maybe Jack First in SD?? You might also try contacting Wayne Novak (Novak sights) he has thousands of Colt parts from over the years. He may or may not have what you want and he might not be interested in selling it if he does. Just a shot in the dark.
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