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Sintered metal - steel alloy powder pressed to rough shape, then heated under pressure almost to melting point to partially weld the grains of powder together.  Minor pocks can be seen in the surface on parts that are not well sintered.  When those pocks are on the surface of a hammer, for example, I can feel the grating as the trigger is pulled, and the wear is quicker on the parts. 


That is what my hammer and apparently the sear were made of on an early Armscorp/RIA 1911.  Fire control parts are what make up the firing controls - so, hammer, sear, trigger, disconnector, firing pin and retainer plate, some folks include the grip safety, thumb safety and slide release in the fire control category.  A failure in any of them puts the gun out of commission and possibly allows it go go full auto.


Good luck, GJ



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