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Three Wild Bunch Ambassadors answered the query correctly on Facebook.

The Wild Bunch Shooter's Handbook states: "The holster must cover the entire length of the barrel and slide from the muzzle to the ejection port."  It does not say that it must cover the ejection port.  Therefore the 1911 ejection port may be visible when holstered.

Therefore the holsters pictured are legal

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But…but…a cowboy action “black pin” said it wasn’t legal.  Give me a break.

I’ve been shooting cowboy a little longer than I’ve been shooting WBAS.  Most of the CAS RO Instructors are great at what they do.  Even the really good ones can be wrong, even on simple questions.  That’s OK, they are volunteers.  I’ve seen isolated instances where a black pin has not exhibited the highest level of competence and integrity.  Even the best black pin might be uninformed about WBAS rules, and most of those would not offer an opinion on the subject.

My experience with Wild Bunch officials (Committee members and WB Ambassadors) has been that they know their stuff.  If there’s a more complex question they consider it carefully and give a reasoned response.  It’s actually quite refreshing.

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