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We want to invite everyone to the Southwest Territorial and Texas state championship March 24,25,26,2023


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Match is coming together nicely. We will release the side matches in just a few more days. Including a new one! Stay tuned! 
We are getting fancy at this match. We have an area community center leased for our dinner banquet and that evening we will have a costume contest, prize table drawings and side match awards. 

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Morning sir!  Bowie actually has 3 motels.

parks inn.  An old style  single story motel that’s been fully redone. You can back your truck in right at your door. I like this! 
Best western. Fully redone and updated after a tornado hit it in 2020. Really nice but  thru lobby only access to rooms

Americas best value inn. I looked at one of the rooms and it was clean. Multi story, outside access if I remember correctly. It and best western are close to the range. Parks is a couple of miles further. 

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I've used both, the Parks Inn and the Best Western. As Dusty said the Parks is an old style single story motel, pull right up to your door. It was clean and may have had a coffee maker & microwave in the room. Can't remember for sure, but no other amenities. It is also close to the railroad tracks if you enjoy listening trains during the night.  The Best Western is closer to the range and has free breakfast. It had just been remodeled and was in nice condition. But all the rooms are inside and have to go through the lobby to enter. Pros and cons for both, the Parks was a little less expensive when I was there.

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S.W. TERRITORIAL/Texas state round count

main match 

pistol 308

rifle 47

SG 47

side matches

trench sweep 25+

popogun 7

Texas36(1911) 42




Doughboy 10 rifle 14 pistol

Teddy Roosevelt 8 rifle 14 pistol

wheelies 12

PCC4ME 95 ( about 65 targets)

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On 3/27/2023 at 8:28 AM, C.N. Double said:

Wow, what a match! My grin was wide, my belly full, and my mags constantly emptied for three straight days. You can't ask for more, and I was again impressed with how much fun the Texas Doughboys crammed into a perfect weekend.

Thanks for another fantastic match!

Scores: https://practiscore.com/results/new/198221

I could not agree more! It was a "Large Time" as they say in Texas!


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