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Land Run 2023

Elwood James

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Registration for Wild Bunch Land Run will open 1 Jan 2023.   The official dates are 7-9 Oct 2023.   Registration will be separate from the Cowboy registration.    I will provide the link when we get it all set up!

We are working on a new WB page on the OKC gun club website.   In the mean time please feel free to join our Facebook page “The Oklahoma Rough Riders” for updates.  For those that shot WB Land Run 2022, there are FB pictures posted from the match that you can download for free.   



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Not sure if this will work.   Link to picture from LR 2022.


Compliments of Donna Mosena Denton, one of our many supporters.   

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On 11/23/2022 at 7:05 PM, denton Dancer said:

What is the anticipated 45acp round count for 2023


2 hours ago, denton Dancer said:

Count me out

It is unfortunate that you will not be attending.  Land Run is a great shoot at a great facility.   Out of curiosity, what would be your desired/ideal round count for a National level event?   The round count JFN quoted is in line with the SASS match directors guidebook and would be a maximum we would shoot.   

As a reference point, Land Run 2022 round count was 280 pistol, 60 rifle and 60 shotgun—this does not include side matches.   We do not have 2023’s round count even close to finalized, but I expect it will be around the same number (probably a little more, but not less) as 2022.  

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