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So I go this Mauser K98 . . .

J. Frank Norfleet

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My father-in-law sent this home with me last weekend. It is a Mauser K98, mixed numbers. The receiver is stamped byf 44 with the Nazi eagle. So it is late production WWll. The stock was sporterized while the metal is unmolested and in excellent condition.

Does anyone know where I can find an original stock? Would be fun to shoot it in BAMM.

What bullet/load is preferred for BAMM?




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Settings in the forum software (which was recently upgraded to Invision Community) prevent the author of posts from changing anything in the post after a short time (maybe 5 minutes) of first saving it.  The "edit" option in the action menu (three dots) gets taken away, and you can't edit the post.

You have to add a "changes to above post" as a follow-up post, as you just did here. 

I find no other forum on the Internet (including the Cowboy side of SASS Wire) that is so concerned that the author might fix up wording or add pictures to his post.  Sad.


As to your original post -

Numrich Gun Parts or Sarco would be a possible source of mil-surplus takeoff stocks.   The original mil stocks and handguards for the Mauser 98 are pretty scarce at this point.

That gun will be chambered in 8MM.   The brass can be formed from 30-06.  Pretty common to shoot lead bullets (0.323" diameter), 170 grain weight or so. (Jacketed 8MM bullets are just about unobtainable currently, in case you can't find those for other uses of this rifle.) Making 1300-1600 FPS is common for BAMM ammo.  13 grains of Red Dot would give you the lower end of that range.

A few matches like Bordertown want velocities held below about 1100 FPS to save their non-armor-plate targets and prevent ricochets from making it to Tombstone village limits.  So, that's even more load workup.

good luck, GJ


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Did some searching for take off stocks.  Not much came up.

Keep an eye on EBay, as much as you may hate to use it.   Mauser parts do come up sometimes. 

Some of these sites may have gone defunct over Covid collapse....

k98stocks.com is a web site that sells Norwegian takeoffs, which usually fit the K98 Kreigsmodel very well. 








You may have already found this forum for serious collectors of K98s:


There was a fellow on there who dealt/swapped/sold military stocks..... handle was mowzerluvr  If you can still locate him, he might be pretty helpful.


good luck, GJ

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Be wary of the different action sizes that get called 98 Mausers.  If the stock has any indication it is from a Yugoslavian made "Mauser", there is a good chance the action well is shorter than a normal 98 Mauser, so the wood won't fit (and can't easily be made to fit) a K98 German made Mauser.  Might be worth a call when ordering to have them give you the dimensions between the front and rear action bolts!  All the Model 24, 24/47 and 28 48 Yugoslavian (BRNO) Mausers are short like that, I believe.  And even some Turkish made Mausers, too.

good luck, GJ


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On 9/17/2022 at 7:00 AM, Garrison Joe said:

I find no other forum on the Internet (including the Cowboy side of SASS Wire) that is so concerned that the author might fix up wording or add pictures to his post.  Sad.


I apologize if our forum makes you sadder than any other on the Internet. Make no mistake, it's not that we care that you edit your post, it's that we're volunteers and we can only fix things like this if they get reported. Thank you for your professional report. Much obliged.


Edit: all registered members can now edit/delete their own content at any time.

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I’ve done what amounted to a duffle cut repair on a buds Krag sporter, wasn’t that hard but don’t know about mausers. I’ve remilitarized two sporter 1903s too. Good BAMM rifles. We’re doing a BAM match in November I believe. Depending on the weather I’ll either shoot Krags in my Spanish American uniform or if it’s cold I’ll wear my Punitive Expedition outfit as it has a tunic and shoot these.EC1A85FF-AF1F-4555-B2C3-1C39010F0818.thumb.jpeg.2c24c059397b2fb3e2894edb7b3e9a35.jpeg

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