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I am copying this post from the cowboy wire as it is another set forward for Wild Bunch.  We encourage everyone to consider entering.




Good Day Cowgirls and Cowboys!




I would like to invite all of you who are going to End of Trail in Phoenix to consider entering the Costume Contests sponsored by Wild West Mercantile.  Yes, that is contests, plural. The first contest will be for Wild Bunch shooting costumes.  This is a first for this event, and will have awards specifically for Wild Bunch shooters. The contest will take place Monday afternoon after the first day of WB shooting, 12-2pm in Parson's Place.  Awards will be given out at the WB award ceremony.



The second contest will be for Cowboy shooting costumes (yes, you need a costume to shoot a cowboy!).  This contest will also take place in Parson's Place, and will be on the first day of the Cowboy match, Thursday, 10:30-2:30pm.  Again, there will be awards specifically for Cowboy shooters.  Awards will be given out after the banquet on Saturday.




Finally, the Grand Finale!  The evening costume for Best Dressed will take place on Saturday from 5-7pm in Parson's Place.  This is the big one!  Not only will there be really nice awards, but the first place winners in each category will get a $100 gift certificate from Wild West Mercantile.  WooHoo!  Now that's worth getting dressed up for!  The awards will also be given out after the banquet on Saturday, and there will be a promenade of all the award winners.  To quote another era, "Be there or be square."




With the move of End of Trail to its new location in Phoenix, we are encouraging shooters to remember that this is not just another shooting match, but a COWBOY SHOOTING match.  We dress in the styles and fashions of the Victorian Old West and the Western Movies.  Contest rules and the entry form will be posted on the EOT website soon, or can be picked up in the EOT registration area in the main tent, or at the judging location.  Costuming is an important part of what we do.  Please consider participating in these events and bring out yer best duds!




Thanks Pardners!




Marshal W. Hill


End of Trail Costume Contest Coordinator


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