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1897 parts question

Doc Holloman

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Will the right hand extractor for a Winchester 1897 fit in a Norinco 1897 bolt?  Was trying to diagnose an ejection problem this morning and the right extractor and  plunger spring fell out and disappeared into the Black Hole around my bench.  Fortunately I found the plunger.  Chinese 1897 parts seem to be hard to find so I was wondering if the Winchester parts would work here.
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K, according to Outlaw Gambler, the threaded parts of a Chinese 1897 are not interchangeable with  Winchester parts, but the non threaded parts, like the extractors and extractor plungers, are interchangeable. 


At any event, I've decided to send him the gun for an action job, and he will replace those parts in the process.  Thanks all.





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The TTN '97's (and later, Cimarron) are supposed to be same threads as Winchester.  Those parts would be even harder to find than Norinco/IAC, but Cimarron may have some (I know they used to).  There are no parts lists online, though, you would have to call them.
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