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Minimum Bullet Weight

C.N. Double

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What is the intent of the minimum bullet weight rule? I know many of our rules are designed to preserve the original nature of the guns and ammo -- is the same true for the 180gn bullet minimum? Is it to allow a safer acceptable overlap to meet both power factor and max velocity limits? Something else?



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CN,  All of your speculations are part of it and also at the time of writing all of the 38-40 shooters we spoke with were using 180grain bullets of lighter. While you can get 180grain bullets for 45ACP they are so light that you need to re-spring the pistol to get good performance so those things were also considered.  The biggest regret I have was dropping the power factor to 150 instead of leaving it at the worldwide standard of 165. I was just trying to keep the masses used to pop gun loads from complaining.  I was told by the General, the Judge and Coyote when writing the rules it was to be a big bore full power sport and the biggest mistake was the lowered power factor but it is too late now.
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Thanks, Happy Jack. I appreciate the historical perspective, and the recent discussion made me wonder. I'm not (always) trying to be the millennial asking, "but whyyyy?" The more I thought about it and looked at loading data, the more some type of minimum made sense for safety purposes.


I like the game the way it is :)

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