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Hotel Recommendations for Winter Range 2022

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I gave up on hotels in Phoenix at MLB Spring Training time. and have stayed at AirBNB houses last three times I went to WR.  If you are careful about reading descriptions, you can find houses about 5 miles or less drive, that are friendly to Ben Avery competitors.


There are several cheap, non-major-name hotels around the northwest Phoenix area that are just horrible.  Essentially week-by-week noisy apartments.  And lots of vehicle break-ins reported by WR competitors at any hotel when vehicles have any hint they have firearms in them.  Hard to say it, but if you want a hotel, go with "Big Names" that EOT website calls out, and take an extra arm and leg and don't leave stuff in the vehicle.


good luck, GJ



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Although it's been several years since I've stayed in hotels for WR, the Deer Valley Days Inn was always clean and reasonably priced. As GJ says hotel parking lots have been know to attract undesirables though.


Everyone I know that has stayed at the Anthem Hampton Inn has been happy. It would be wise to bring your guns into your room where ever you stay or leave them with a buddy that's camping.


You're welcome to leave your guns with me. I'm camping at the Clays center at Ben Avery.



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