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Tightgroup small S.D.


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Hi gang; Went out chorny ing yesterday. 45 acp, mixed range brass, 200 RNFP lead, Federal 150 primers, COL 1.161, and tightgroup just under start load.783 fps, adverage deviation of 10. Most deviation was 5  or less. Found similar results with 38 spl and 45 colt loads. Most other powders I had used were 30 to 50 off the adverages.

Firearm was Para expert 5 inch.

Referance Lyman 452460 bullet for details.

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Pretty typical for TiteGroup powder in a mid range or warmer load.  Once you get that 30% nitroglycerin burning, it really goes, and does so with lots of heat generated, a loud report, and generally great accuracy.


Small Standard Deviations are not all there is to accuracy, but they sure do not hurt the group size!


Good luck, GJ

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