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2021 Nevada State Wild Bunch Championship Results


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2021 Nevada State Wild Bunch Championship

Congratulations to Tully Mars top cowboy and Molly Magoo top cowgirl.


Nevada State Champions

Wild Bunch Ladies Modern                    Penny Popperbox

WIld Bunch Men's Modern                     Flanigan Flat

Wild Bunch Senior Men's Modern        Nasty Nels

Wild Bunch Men's Traditional                Wylie Fox Esquire

Wild Bunch Men's Senior Traditional   Jeremiah Jonathan


The shooter gift was a 8 rould custom 1911 magazine engraved with 2021 Nevada State Wild Bunch.

The three day match ended Tuesday.  Sunday started off with speed events.  By far the most popular was speed pistol.  The course of fire for the five pistol targets was outside targets, then inside targets then double tap middle for six rounds.  Repeat pistol using rifle targets.  Oh yea, I should mention that the magazines were loaded with exactly two rounds each.  1911 skills were put to use.  Magazine changes, reengaging targets and double taps and target distance.


Side match winners

Molly Magoo       Speed everything

Wooden Nickels  Speed Shotgun

Nasty Nels           Speed Pistol

Sunshine Bill       Speed Rifle


The two-day match had five stages per day.  Everyone was able to shoot many reactive targets.  Two Texas Stars, dueling tree, shotgun knockdowns (for pistol), plate rack, stationary clay birds, popping clay birds, pipes, swingers, hostage taker, and many plates.  You should check out the stages posted at




In addition to the Nevada shooters, there were shooters from Utah, California, Oregon & Hawaii.  A total of 28 shooters.


Lunch was served on both main event days.  Sue Scott, Mary Lou & Nevada Starr prepared deli style croissant sandwiches on Monday, Round Table Pizza for Tuesday.


Awards to three places were a custom (large) silhouette of 1911 pistols, on a granite base.


While there check out ALL the scores and state champions.


Many of the Wild Bunch shooters are staying the week to shoot the 25th annual ROOP County Days.  Another 4 days of shooting most every SASS gun you own.  The main match has 12 stages of Big Bore firearms, black and smokeless.  Again, check out the event at the above web page.

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The Nevada crew put on a great match! Wylie Fox Esquire and J. J. and the Nevada crew really did an awesome job! The shoot was fun and challenging, lunches were provided, all shooters received a magazine supplied by Kingsnake with "2021 Nevada State WB Championship" engraved on it, potlucks, good company!


As match directors they have decided it's time to move on and let someone else take over next years Nevada State WB championship, this will be a tough act to follow. Many thanks for all you two have done for the sport!



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