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Model 12 Trench Gun?

Doc Holloman

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What’s the difference between a real one and a repro one besides [the serial numbers, flaming bomb and US stamps] the obvious? Is a repro [norinco] 1897 trenchgun legal? The 1866 and 1873 rifles we use are for the most part repros.  The value and rarity of real pump trench guns make the use of a real one as a WB toy highly unlikely. I would also point out that Crazy Lee’s M12 is a riotgun with a sling. There are anachronisms in The Wild Bunch, the biggest is the 1917 WC. So what. Don’t call authenticity about shotguns and then allow any 1911 in the modern category.
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Ok, we are jumping a lot of stumps. First I’m not the final word on rules I am nothing to do with the rule committee. I’m the administrator of the wire so what I say is my opinion and we all know what’s said about that.

A correct replica of a model 12 would be legal I would think. Just sliding a bayonet  heat shroud on your model 12 wouldn’t as there are several other differences this is as per previous statements from Happy Jack. A Chinese built factory 97 trenchgun is legal and they are good guns. If you have problem with modern 1911’s that’s easy just shoot  traditional and turn your head when those offending modern pistols show up at the loading table.  ;D it’s tue most 73’s and 92’s and 66’s are repops. As far as expensive and rare shotguns there are folks in some circles shooting hammered h and r shotguns wishing they could afford a hammerless model while in that other circle that guy is wishing for a deluxe engraved H&H  instead of the field grade he has now. Moral? It’s all relative . What I don’t know is what is a 1917 WC never heard of one.

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Reading the WBAS Shooter's Handbook Version 15  page 12.

  This section has NOT changed for at least 8 years.

  There is NO mention of a Model 12 trench or riot gun configuration being legal.


As an aside adding a heat shield with bayonet attachment to an existing 1897 if it was not originally manufactured as one is also ILLEGAL.


Page 27 same handbook under ILLEGAL items:  Slings or bayonets on main match long guns.

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The rules plainly state that any Winchester 1897 civilian OR military model is allowed. Wouldn't a trench gun fall under this allowance?

Edit: Sorry, I misinterpreted the last message. However...



The rules also plainly state that Model 12s are allowed. The rules don't say that only specific types of Model 12s are allowed or that specific types are not allowed.


If I add a heat shield, bayonet lug, and sling swivel to a riot gun, aren't I faithfully reproducing the trench gun? Why does it matter how it got that way?

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