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Recap of 2021 EOT Wild Bunch Match

Back 40

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WOW, what a match!!  Twelve stages of some hot and heavy wild bunch shooting.  One stage:  42 pistol.  Man, was it fun.  Yes, it was HOT and HUMID but HEY, Wild Bunch shooter are tough. 

Day one, Friday, was 3 stages of warm up, didn't take long to get warmed up.  We done speed pistol, rifle and shotgun, each after you shot the warm up stage. 

Elwood James did an awesome job on a Teddy Rosevelt and Doughboy stages.  They were really popular and everyone had a blast shooting them.  To cap things off, Artemus Von Schutze organized the long range BAMM match and a Sgt York match, both were very well organized and a blast to shoot. 

Saturday started with a welcome from Match Director Shellstuffer.  After the pledge and a prayer from Mean Mary, we started in on a hot and muggy day with the first six stages.  Some targets were big (cowboy targets) and some targets were small, but everything doable by using the front sight.  The posse marshals were awesome and included Deadwood Woody, Half a hand Henri, Max Montana, and Artemus Von Schutze.  A local church group shagged brass so the stages went fairly quick, but shooting six stages in this weather was starting to take it toll.

Sunday moring arrived with the same hot and humid weather.  Six more stages of some real Wild Bunch shooting.  At this point, I think everyone was ready to be done, thus completing the 2021 World Championship. 

The original match director was Serenity, but was unable to make the match due to Covid Restrictions in Canada.  However, Serenity, along with her able assistant Legendary Lawman, managed to plan the whole match from afar.  All we had to do was implement the process.  This was nothing short of AMAZING on their part.  Every T was crossed twice and every I was dotted twice.  Every detail was completed with utmost accuracy.  Shellstuffer stepped up as Match Director, myself as Chief Range Officier and Elwood James and assistant to both of us.  The crew and Paradise Pass was very accommodating and made our job alot easier. 

The 2022 EOT Wild Bunch Championship will be held in Phoenix, AZ next March and Serenity will be the match director.  Rest assured, she is already making plans for another awesome match. 


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Sounds like it was an awesome match. Wish I could have been there.


Like others the Covid restrictions, flying from Alaska kind of put a damper on things.

Just too many unknowns.


Looks like a lot of the restrictions are easing so hopefully we'll have a grand time

in Phoenix this winter. Looking forward to seeing and shooting with everyone and

especially getting caught up on all the hugs from the ladies.


Marshal Stone

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It was a great time, and I'll be looking forward to EoT 2022 by the weekend. Really excited to see if we run with the expanded TR/DB match. I don't think I saw unhappy shooter in the bunch.


Thanks to Serenity, Legendary Lawman, Shell stuffer, Back 40, Elwood and everyone else who made it happen. I think it was a weekend that will only help add more appeal to WBAS.

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I’m sorry to have missed this match after loading all the ammo and sighting in two borrowed BAMM rifles but my daughter had emergency surgery so I will have to look for another opportunity later on.  My daughter is home now recuperating and my wife encouraged me to beat feet to Indiana to make the Cowboy main match.
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