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Looking for advice on my new Pedersoli Lightning

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I just picked up a NOS Pedersoli Lightning in .45 Colt.  YES, I have heard all the horror stories regarding  Lightning clones, but, hey, I like a challenge and if I can get it to run right, it could be a game changer for me.




I took it to the range this morning, out of the box, for a function check.  First issue, difficult to load.  The flat nose Hormady Cowboy  rounds hung up in the loading gate and had to be jiggled around to get them to feed into the magazine. OK , maybe that is the ammo, and that should be a loading table issue, not a time killer.  Moving on, second issue: racked the slide for the first round. Pull the trigger. Nothing.  Hammer doesn't drop.  Turns out the bolt was not all the way forward in battery. After pumping the slide again, the bolt seated and it fired.  After several cycles I found that I had to slam the slide forward with an unreasonable amount of force to get the bolt to seat reliably, a LOT more than needed for a 97 or 12 shotgun.  The ammo again?  Lubrication? 


Issue 3:  every third round or so, the round would hang up c chambering, similar to a misfeed in a 1911that hasn't been throated.  Ammo again?




I imagine that the rifle could use breaking in, followed by sticking by someone who knows Lightnings.  Any recommendations?




In the meantime, I could use assembly/ disassembly instructions. Apparently there was a set floating around on the Wire a few years ago.  Are they still around?




All tips, comments, advice are welcome.




Doc sends.



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Roger Rapid



He has an excellent guide for the disassembly/assembly of the Pedersoli Lightning and other brands.

It also includes tuning tips for the common problems associated with these rifles.


Deputy Dan


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