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M12 riot gun build issues

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Guys, working on a M12 riot gun build and need some information. My donor is a 1925 gun that has a polychoke and a cracked shortened stock. I have another stock for it.  My question concerns the slidelock. Pushing forward on the slide or after firing the gun the release works correctly however if you pull back on the slide without firing first the slide jams and locks the gun up. It feels like something is binding and takes a bit to push forward to unbind it. But then it works fine. What is causing the binding? Do I need to replace the slidelock?  The bbl takedown works fine and it feeds, fires and ejects ok however the ejection could be stronger. I’ve not gone into the recvr yet. I did cut and face the bbl to 19 inches the other day. I will have to refinish and restain the stock to match the nice pump handle. Would like to do a sling on it even though riot guns didn’t usually have slings but I have found old photos of a few police guns that did. Thanks ahead.
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Mine does that too, but I understand that is normal for the model 12 -- a feature to prevent out of battery discharge.  The trick is that you really need to slam the slide forward every time -- don't treat it like your 870.


The Model 12 had several mysteries that I had to solve -- the primary  one being the unusual loading process.  I still dump 2-3 rounds on the ground almost every time I load mine.


Doc sends.

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B.E. Sounds like it’s working right. Dry fire it hold the trigger down and work the action it should slam fire without hesitation. The way to make ready a model 12 at the loading table is action open make sure it’s empty. Hold the trigger down close the action. Roll the gun over and load it by pushing the shell in with your thumb on about half or less of the case head. If you try to seat the shells with the thumb fully over the shell like on an 870 it will spit the shells out.  Load the prescribed number of shells and the shotgun is ready. The hammer is down on an empty chamber it does not have to have the slide pushed forward or use the bolt release behind the trigger.
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There is a hang-fire locking mechanism that prevents the action from opening until the recoil of a shell firing has opened that interlock.  It is manually overridden (like when dry firing the gun) by pushing forward on the slide after the hammer drops which causes the interlock to open.


Both of those actions (shells fires, or user pushes forward on the slide) work via the same parts of slide lock.


Both the Winchester 97 and the Model 12 have that built in, and it's not recommended that the mechanism be altered.  If a hang-fire occurs (as was kinda common in the early 1900s), the action will still be closed for a second or so until the shooter overrides the action lock.  Hopefully, the hang-fire has gone off by that time.


good luck, GJ

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Baltimoreed 11754     

  There is no problem with you building a "trench gun" from parts for personal use HOWEVER such a gun would be ILLEGAL for use at a sanctioned WBAS match.

  Adding the handguard or other parts to make a normal model 12 resemble a "trench gun" is NOT listed as an allowable external modification in the rules.  Also a sling is specifically listed as an illegal item on a WBAS main match long gun.


Have fun with your build but the modified gun would not be legal for use in Wild Bunch.

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