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What mods to a model 12

Jack Spade

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I was at the Tulsa gun show over the weekend and picked up a couple of model 12 wild bunch candidates.  Both are well loved/used no bluing left, one has had the barrel cut off to 26 inches, other has been cut and has a poly choke and the stock has been , no collector value whatsoever.  So what mods should be done to these to make them full fledged wild bunch guns?  I will be test firing them this week to check for function.  I plan on shortening the barrels, what length do you like?  Which springs, firing pin, etc?  Let's hear your thoughts.
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20 to 22" barrels are common.


Polychoke will have to be removed - illegal in WB


Check the timing of the action that it never tries to feed a new shell while ejecting the fired hull.


Don't know anyone who recommends changing out springs on a Mod 12 when they don't need 'em.  Clean magazine tube really well and use a dry lube on inside of that, on mag spring and follower.  If you can't comfortably put six cartridges in the tube and get them all to feed, then you can start looking for some help.  If it's just that the spring is resisting the last shell, check for too much spring length.  Only need a mag spring "unloaded" length that is about 4" longer than the mag tube.


Good recoil pad makes many folks more comfortable.  Consider shortening stock if you have average or shorter length arms or a stocky chest.  13" length of pull is usually not too short for medium frame fellows.  If you are someone who looks at front sight beads, a larger bead probably will help you.


A new firing pin is a good spare part to have on hand.


Run them as smoothly as you can at high speed.  That design needs to be run smoothly but firmly. 


good luck, GJ

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Pull it completely down. Check the firing pin. Really scrub it out and get clean inside.  Good quality oil everywhere it moves. 22/23” is a good length. The 26” is not to long. If cut to 18.5” they tend to feel a little  Whippy. Like GJ says cut off the polychoke. From behind the gun it looks and feels like a coffee can stuck on the end anyway. Now they are match ready! Enjoy!
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