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4/11/21 Old Pueblo Shootists now with Doughboy and Teddy Roosevelt

C.N. Double

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OPSA will be hosting monthly matches now with extra-fun mode enabled. Doughboy and Teddy Roosevelt will be offered as shooting categories alongside the standard match. For those not yet interested in DB/TR, the main match will remain unadulterated.


DB/TR ammo must be lead only (gas checks OK), and velocity is limited to 1400fps.


We hope to see you this Sunday at the Tombstone Livery -- stages are attached for your perusal. I'll bring extra ammo if anyone wants to try doughboy.


Remember: OPSA shoots WBAS every 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday at the Tombstone Livery


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Wow, what a match! 44% of our shooters participated in either DB or TR, but everyone was smiling when we blew a target off its stand with a .45-70. We had one Teddy Roosevelt participant, two Doughboys, and one who couldn't decide what to shoot, so we dubbed him "Teddyboy" on account of him using both a lever rifle in .45-60 and a Krag carbine. We also had 5 shooters in the standard categories.


We saw some fun firearms come out today -- we had a Remington 1903A3, Marlin 1895, Husqvarna Swedish Mauser, Winchester 1886, and a Krag carbine.


If you missed it, don't worry, we'll do it again on April 24th. See you then!



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