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Trail Boss vs Clays

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Just getting into reloading handgun ammo for CAS/Wild Bunch and am in information overload, and sticker shock when it comes to powder.  I have previously only reloaded shot shells, using Clays pretty much exclusively.  I plan to start out reloading .45ACP and .38-40, adding .45 Colt later. 


I have been considering trying to locate a supply of Trail Boss, but the prices people are asking are steep.  I noticed in one of my reloading manuals that the loads and performance for Clays are not too far from those for Trail Boss.  I have some Clays in stock and the Clays I find online  runs a bit cheaper than Trail Boss.


So my question: does Trail Boss have any notable advantage over Clays in loading .45ACP (230 gr coated) or .38-40 (180 gr?)

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Trail Boss is so fluffy that is difficult to overload a cowboy cartridge as you would see a full case of powder if not more.  Perhaps it could be done with compression.


Minor changes  in  TB volume don't have much effect on weight of the charge.


To my hands TB has a softer recoil that any powder I've used in 38 Spec, 44 Spec, 45 ACP and 45 Colt.

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I use Trailboss for my 45 Colt loads, but I was using Bullseye for my ACP. I recently started using Shooter's World Clean Shot for my ACP, partly because Scarlett Darlin' talked me into and partly because you can actually get it and it's cheaper.  It's been working out so far, little more smoke than bullseye, but less than clays from what I have seen with other shooters.
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