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Looking for rare Winchester butt plate

Doc Holloman

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I am looking for a butt plate for a Winchester 1895 Saddle Ring Carbine.  Winchester, in their infinite wisdom, used a unique buttplate on the 95 SRC and Musket.  It is curved with a small tang, but is a different shape than the standard rille part. it has the door for the stock trap.


I have been looking for this part for several years.  Have tried the online old Winchester parts dealers.  Almost bought a whole  parts gun just for the butt plate (was outbid on Gunbroker).  Have been tempted to say the heck with it and put a stock from a 94 or a 95 rile on it.


Any leads appreciated.

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What's the year the gun was manufactured?


Tried S&S Firearms? http://www.ssfirearms.com


Granpas?  https://www.granpasgunparts.com


Jack First?  www.JackFirstGunParts.com


NuLine?  http://www.nulineguns.com/


Asked the Rules Committee if you can square off the butt and put on a low-profile recoil pad?  That particular model just begs for a good recoil pad.  Ouch.


good luck, GJ


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Well, given no wood working skills and no luck finding a part "for several years", I'd suggest that you look for a restoration gunsmith who has the skill to work the gun the way you want it done.    You can have a from-scratch plate built or you can put on a different style stock that Winchester was putting on carbines at the factory, and be totally compliant with "no external, unapproved modifications" rule.


Doug Turnbull



Lonnie at Run-N-Iron



Either would do a fabulous job, or even a "just make it functional" job - your  choice.


Waiting longer without a plan doesn't fix much or let you put your firearm to use.


good luck, GJ

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