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Vectan A1 in 45 ACP/45 Colt


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Hi folks,


With powder hard to find I came across a goodly amount of Vectan A-1, (and at a favourable price!) and so i grabbed it.  It would SEEM to be a suitable powder for 45 ACP/Colt.... but, as we tend to do, I am looking for any personal experiences with it.  I load both calibres with a 200gr RNFP..and what data I can find seems to suggest about 4.4 gr or so for our sort of loads....  Anyone have experience with it?  TIA!


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I found some Vectan Ba9 at my local gun shop. I loaded 45 acp and shot it at the Ides of March wild bunch match yesterday.  Worked great and it shoots pretty clean.  I went to their website and found the load data.  They showed 5.9 as the minimum load, I backed it off to 5.7 and it wouldn't cycle the gun.  Wound up loading I think 6.1 to meet power factor out of my gun.  Will probably have to work up your own load with it as there isn't a lot of data available but I do like the powder and the price.  Paid $25 a bottle here in florida.
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Trooper:  Vectan  A1  loads that look reasonable for MV and pressure:


45ACP  200 or 230 grain bullet:  4.5 grains


45 Colt    200 or 230 grain bullet:  6.0 grains


Both loads are about 60% of max chamber pressure so hopefully won't cause any problems as a starting point.

Based on Quickload data.  No absolute guarantees but what I would use.

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