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Arizona State Wild Bunch Match, 2021; Excellent!

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I'm just back, catching up on my sleep after a whirlwind weekend at Cowtown, AZ, after shooting the fun and challenging Arizona State Wild Bunch State Championship. Zona and Barwire did a great job crafting this match; reasonable and occasionally exacting target placement, interesting and sometimes brain-teasing sequences, and lots and lots of variation.


And SO MUCH steel!  No two stages were the same, there was plenty of variety, and more 1911 shooting than you could shake a Colt at.


Everyone to whom I spoke had a great time.  I've been away for several years, and I must say, this match made me glad I came back.  There were shooters from at least four states; they must know a good thing when they see it!


Side note; i had a new shooter along, Ms. Penny Ante, who shot her first WB match.  It's a steep learning curve, and folks helped her, every inch of the way.  A new shooter, her kit was not yet complete, so in the course of the match, various folks loaned her; holsters, belts, mag pouches, ammunition, rifles, pistols, shotguns, and magazines.


She hasn't stopped smiling, in three days.


Well done, Zona and Barb; well done, Cowtown, and congrats to all the winners!!!!




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