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Magazine base pads

Twelve Bore

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From the WBAS Shooters Handbook:


•Magazines must be standard length and may be loaded with up to seven rounds.

Overloaded rounds that are fired are scored as “illegally acquired” ammunition.

• A base pad may be added to the magazine if it meets the following requirements: It must be made from natural leather material only. It must be no larger than the contour of the base of the magazine. The total thickness of the pad may not extend

more than 1/4" beyond the original base plate.


You can use a standard length 8 round magazine, i.e. flush with the bottom of the grip. You will eventually overload it and suffer the penalty. The overloading penalty is the least of your worries, I'd worry more about moving with the 8th round in the chamber and getting a SDQ or worse having an AD.

Pads must be leather.


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Twelve Bore: The answer to your question is  NO


The Wilson magazines have a "removable base pad"  by definition that is a base pad and adding a leather top on it does not meet the requirement.


People starting to shoot WB can be and are at times transplants from USPSA. Many of us have more than enough Wilson mags to shoot WB, but are forced to buy new mags because of this rule. I did.


Wilson mags with the thin base are 124mm long. My standard metal mags are 122mm long. Both measured from front, base to top of follower. Picture #1 shows Wilson mag with thin base. Pic #2 shows Wilson with thin base and Mernickle's latest production leather pad. Pic #3 show a stock mag with Mernickle's older 1/4 inch pad.


The mags in pic #2 and #3 are the same length.


I have a friend that wants to shoot WB but is not wanting to invest the money in all new mags when he already has Wilsons.


There is no competitive advantage over using mag #2 over #3


Suggest a rule change to read something like this.


Standard mags with welded bases or removable bases are allowed but can be no longer than 125mm, measured along the front of the mag from bottom of base to top of follower. Extended base pads may be used, must be leather and overall length of the mag with base pad can not exceed 130mm measured on the front of the mag from bottom of base to top of follower.



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I don't know where you would be shooting but at the club level your equipment does not have to be 100% correct to shoot local matches and have fun. When I started, I had a Series 70 Colt, kydex gear, a .22 lever rifle and a 1200 pump shotgun. The only thing legal was the pistol.

At higher level matches you can shoot but your score won't be counted. If you are a beginner and learning the game that's no big deal, have fun and shoot.

Someone from the Rules committee will answer your questions specifically. From my perspective I don't have to change the rules to shoot the game and enjoy it. But if they start making exceptions for gear used in USPSA, I have some Glocks I'd like to shoot.


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J. Frank Norfleet you said:  But if they start making exceptions for gear used in USPSA, I have some Glocks I'd like to shoot.


Wilson Mags are not USPSA gear, people use Glocks in USPSA does that make your Glock mag USPSA gear.


  The ship has already sailed on the making exceptions thing, such as Modern category, Short stroked rifles, Any base pad, Model 12 shotguns.


Also the 1911 I use in WB modern is the same gun I use for USPSA single stack minus the mag well. So WB already allows USPSA equipment. It is legal for both shooting sports also IDPA and steel challenge.


I shoot and run the matches at my local club both CAS/WB and we will make allowances for shooters who do not have all the PROPER equipment.


FYI; not new to shooting sports. I have been competing since 1978 and compete in USPSA, IDPA, ICORE, SASS and WB. Finished 10th overall and second senior div at the 2020 Wild Bunch NY state championship, Muster at Ft Misery

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12 Bore, I fully understand your position about 1 type of pad not being an advantage over another but I just don't see us going there. The prohibition of any type of base pad was in effect for over 11 years. Base pads were not in use during the time period WBAS covers. Finally after years of complaints about pinched and bloodied hands we relented and decided that the leather pads some of us used since the 60's in IPSC, later USPSA would be allowed. There was still significant resistance but we finally allowed them as leather was at least period correct material. As J Frank says, at local matches I don't see an issue if the club agrees but at Sanctioned matches they would not be legal. We have worked very hard over the years to make the rules reasonable and as shooter friendly as possible while maintaining the initial objectives of WBAS.  Welcome to the game.
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Is anyone reading what I write?


It is not about 1 pad  being an advantage over another.  It is about two mags (actually look at the.picture I put in my post) that are the same.length after the leather pads are added but the one with the removable base can't be used. That makes no sense at all.



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12 bore, I guess we have a failure to communicate. I know exactly what you are saying. I am saying that we are no going to allow any material that extends the length of a mil spec length magazine other than natural leather to keep in the spirit of Wild Bunch. It isn't about the overall length of the magazine as much as it is about the spirit of the game.
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