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Discarding the pistol

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Version 14.5 of the Handbook has a bit of an inconsistency under “Pistol Range Operations”.


Under the fifth bullet point on page 7 provides the general rule:  “...the 1911 must be discarded with the chamber empty of a live round.  The slide may be forward or licked back.  It may have no magazine or an empty magazine”.


The “safe to leave the shooter’s hand” summary on Page 8 is consistent with that language. 


In between those provisions, however, is the second bullet point under “On the Firing Line”:  “If charged at the wrong time or location, the 1911 may be made safe by clearing it of live ammunition, including the loading magazine, and staging it with the slide locked open.”


Now, granted, I have not seen this “charged at the wrong time” situation and it could be the intent of the drafters that a staged pistol should be treated differently than a pistol discarded at the end of the pistol string.  If that is what is intended, then the “summary” should be revised.  If not, the bullet point on staging the pistol should be conformed.


I saw the comment that a new revision is coming for 2021 and thought someone could consider this comment.  Thanks.

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This inconsistency was identified shortly after the current rules posted.  Biggest problem was no penalty was associated with it and it conflicted with the definition of a safe gun leaving the shooters hand. 


It will be fixed in the next iteration of the rule book. 


Thanks for keeping us honest.


Elwood James Waltermire

SW region ambassador


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