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1911 springs


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Thanks for the info


For the PF ~165, I have been using a 15 lb recoil spring and a 17 lb hammer/main spring

Does that sound about right?  Seems to function well.


Planning on replacing the recoil spring, Main spring, sear spring and magazine catch spring, as recommended.


Wolff springs used in the past.


How often do you replace the firing pin or extractor?

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I use a 19# mainspring (rather than 17#), but really do like the 15# recoil spring.  That is all that is needed if you only shoot WB level loads.  If you would expect to shoot a lot of factory or hotter loads, then the factory standard 23 and 16 springs make sense.


If you don't have a rounded-bottom-edge firing pin retainer, it makes a big difference in racking the slide to load a round.


Firing pin and spring - I usually let go for 25,000 rounds.


Extractor - when I no longer see fired brass piling up in my usual location about 6 feet from gun, and about 30-45 degrees back from the firing line.  Or when I get 10% of case mouths dinged up.  A "10-8 extractor test" or a "shake-the-slide-with-dummy-round-under-extractor test" gets performed periodically - maybe once a year.


good luck, GJ

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