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73 Rifle in 45acp

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Anyone have/had a 73 in 45acp ? Thinking about getting or maybe even building one. Are they , or should say can they be as smooth and reliable as the standard calibers ? .......  Anyone ? ............


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I love mine. It has become my favorite '73, maybe my favorite rifle ever. I can't recommend Cody Conagher's conversion any more highly. Even when I go to a public range, it is always a great conversation starter. Have had a couple of RO's tell me that I'm doing it wrong with the ammo, and it gives me a chance to explain about WB and CAS.


I know the 18 to 20 inch rifles are most folks choice, mine is a 24', but if I run across a good deal on a 30' rifle, I may have to get another one done, just to say I have it. I don't know exactly how many it would hold, but it should be good for a big grin or two.


I toyed with the idea of doing this for a year or so, but once I had it done and took it to the range for an initial test fire, I just couldn't believe how sweet it was.


Good luck to you on whatever you decide.



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