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Make up shotgun targets


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Cause rules are rules.  ;)


It's primarily to get folks to focus a little more during shotgun shooting, I believe.  And to encourage loads above the wimpy-light SG loads used in Cowboy shooting - so something that is closer to factory loads.


What the knockdown stands are sitting in really makes almost no difference in how hard it is to get a knockdown to fall.  If you feel the targets are not properly calibrated to go down, take it up with the individual match director.  After shooting major matches through the Southwest for 10+ years, I never have had a problem with a WB SG knockdown going down.


Good luck, GJ

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Happy Jack, I disagree with you on your comment.  In CAS you can make up a missed shotgun target, but you are on the clock, and your score is the time it takes you to get through a stage.  In 3 gun, you shoot the shotgun targets until they go down, also you can shoot one shot on the paper targets, and you are good if in the "A" zone, or 2 shots to make sure your target is neutralized......all on the clock.
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