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Pedersoli Lighting in .45 LC - WB success ?


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I plan on shooting mine (44/40) at our State WB match.It is working great for me.

If U haven't contacted Roger Rapid about his manuals U should.They are very informative.


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You might ask on the SASS wire. There are several cowboy shooters that have used them with great success. I had an American Western that ran like a charm with both LC and Schoefield brass. Running a pump rifle and a pump shotgun in competition is a challenge. A M12 works best if you run it like you stole it. A Lightning is an object of finesse. I gave up because I couldn't go from one to another, but a lot of shooters do. They are really fun rifles.


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Go to the main SASS Wire.  Look up member "Roger Rapid"


Or go to this link, which I got by doing exactly that:




Send him a Private Message.  Wait for him to reply.


(Don't believe he's registered on the WB forum, as his name does not show on a search in the Wild Bunch side)


Good luck, GJ

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