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Colt 1908 Magazines

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I'm looking for some additional mags for a Colt Hammerless M1908 (.380). It seems they are pretty rare, but I did find the Triple K mags. Just wondering if anyone has had success with these mags. There is a guy selling original mags on GB for $300 each, but that seems a teeny bit steep.


Here are the Triple Ks on Brownells: https://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazines/colt-pocket-7rd-380acp-magazine-prod71616.aspx?avs%7cManufacturer_1=TRIPLE-K



Thanks for any info.

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CN you know you are more than welcome to use my us armenment 1903 colt.


I have a few like 3 or 4 factory mags, lead bullets for it.


While 32 acp it is still the same size and pretty close to weight.


Got an interarms luger in 9mm as well with a bunch of mags and all lead bullets as well if you want to try or put on a stage for a mag or two of something like dusty mentioned which I have heard is called battlefield pickup.


Just let me know.


Gilly let me at a WB use the luger and called it turn of the century cowboy class.



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The Triple K mags seem to fit just fine. I ran 7 rounds through two of them as fast as I could with no issues. I can't comment on their long-term durability, but these seem fine so far. I might pick up a couple more and call them good.


Thanks again for the guidance.


@Dusty -- the dead man's gun is a great idea. I was chatting with another shooter about how to use these guns more regularly without running a whole match with them. Maybe we'll try it as a bonus stage.

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