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what brass NOT to use

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All .45 auto brass but Amerc I use.  Magtech/CBC is made in Brazil, but I find it works well.  Sellier and Bellot brass has tight primer pockets, but I swage the pockets with a Dillon pocket swager and they work fine too.  Same for Fiocchi brass.


I'd think your Magtech might work in your new barrel if you resize the very base of the brass.  Use a Lee Bulge Buster kit that takes high-pressure bulges out of .45 auto cases!  There are certainly several reasons for 45 rounds not to chamber - including too fat a nose for the seating depth, a swollen base, a barrel that has no throat at all, etc.  A poor crimp is not one of the common reasons. 


Some Winchester brass has a tight pocket even though it's not mil crimped in.  Those get swaged out to standard size, too.


Of course, any military brass should be checked for a crimped primer pocket and enlarged as needed.  I've begun removing all mil brass that is head stamped before 1980 as those earlier lots of brass are cracking a lot as they are fired.


Good luck, GJ



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