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Texas State Wild Bunch Match May 30, 2020


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Reckon said that it looks like they will cancel.  Going to wait a little longer.  Problem is they may not have time to prep even if restrictions lifted.  If cancelled, they are looking to reschedule in November, but their is an issue to resolve. 


More to follow as I get more fidelity.



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Change one.  Reckon and Green Mountain Regulators crew are still a go—assuming TX lightens up the restrictions in line with POTUS announcement.  GMR are looking at 10 May to make a final decision.   


He is having problems getting things to post.  I’ll try to keep this updated as I get more fidelity. 

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Got this message on the Green Mountain Regulators Yahoo group email regarding Texas State Wild Bunch & BAM Matches scheduled for May 30th and May 31st :


"While the Governor may indeed relax the current restrictions in place preventing us from holding these two planned events by May 30th, it’s not going to happen in time for a quality match with sponsorship to be produced and for attendees to plan to attend. So it is best to cancel them for this year."


Due to the timing and the current situation, I don't think this comes as any surprise.  No word on rescheduling.

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