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Lightening cuts in slide (Modern pistol)

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Another Facebook inquiry about the legality of a new Kimber that has, in addition to other features, lightening cuts in the slide.  As I understand the specs the barrel is not ported.


Since the cuts are not specifically listed in the Modern category’s approved features, does this make the pistol illegal?


I think the idea behind these cuts is to reduce the slide mass.  In that sense it is more than cosmetic so I’m thinking it is not a legal feature.

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Picture or model name would help reveal the extent of this external modification.


But sure sounds to me like an external mod that is not allowed by the rules as written.  A beveled grip frame butt (through the mainspring housing) has been examined by the rules committee and found to be not allowed.  This could be treated the same way.  (There' are tons of models that will meet the rules without a buyer having to undergo rules investigations.)


Good luck, GJ

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