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45 ACP: Is a LEE TL-452-230-2R a decent Wild Bunch bullet.

Big Boston

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The plan is to begin shooting Wild Bunch. To that end i just bought my first 1911, a Springfield Defender MilSpec.


I have never owned a 45 anything, and I'd like to get myself a mold. I don't mind the LEE 6 cavity, they do a decent job. I'd like to stick with sizing and lubing with my 4500, and I'm thinking that the TL grooves will probably hold enough grease to get the job done, without leading.


Does anyone have any experience with this bullet?





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Big Boston,

That is the mold I use exclusively for my 1911. Literally cast and shot 1000s of them. I'm on my second set of molds. I'll run three of 6 cavity molds at a time so two are cooling while one is being filled.


I shoot paper so I can recover the bullets from my private range. And, a local tire store saves wheel weights for me so I have continuous supply. If you have to buy your lead, I don't think it is economical.


I like the tumble lube molds so I don't have to size. I buy generic Lube-Alox on eBay, $20 a quart shipped. Same stuff but much cheaper than the Lee brand. Almost no leading, my pistol will gum up and stop running before the barrel will lead up.


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