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BAMM - Ishapore 2A1

C.N. Double

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I have an opportunity to buy a really nice Ishapore 2A1 Lee-Enfield variant in 7.62 NATO. I think because it's a box magazine and was used by the Indian military starting in 1963, it won't be legal for BAMM, but thought I'd check here in case it could pass. As far as I can tell, it's identical to the earlier Enfield except that it's chambered in the more modern 7.62 NATO. This particular rifle was built in 1968 and appears to be all original.


What say ye wise folks?


Edit: I found a cool article describing some of the history of small arms in India: https://www.files.ethz.ch/isn/176291/IAVA-IB4-small-arms-of-indian-state.pdf

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Even if the Ishapore was considered a "faithful reproduction" of the SMLE No 1 MkIII* (and I doubt that given the different magazine and FAL butt plate) the calibre is a problem....


"The rifle must be an original calibre bolt action....."


I think you'll find all the rechambered Israeli Mausers and similar guns are also  excluded for precisely that reason.  Sorry.



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