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POP and GAMM side matches

Happy Jack

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It is important to remember that both POP and GAMM are NOT official WBAS side matches. They are offered by some clubs and the rules for each can vary. It is always fun to bring out and shoot other firearms but the POP and GAMM shoots are local and the rules may vary.  There are NO Official WBAS rules covering these activities.  Shoot them and have fun but unlike BAMM which IS and OFFICIAL WBAS side match where the rules in the Shooters Handbook must be followed these matches are at the local club's discretion.
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We aren't allowed anything with a barrel under 121 mm (4.75") so any "Pocket" type pistols are "out" 


What I intend to offer as an (equally unofficial) side match at our next 2 dayer is a Precision Pistol match for "any pistol issued to a military force prior to the end of WW2 , or faithful reproduction thereof"  (Not hard to see where I got that from?) but with the caveat..."OTHER THAN a 1911" 


A 6 round side match... so suitable for any old revolvers as well.    Its worth a try.  I hope some interesting guns appear. 

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Trooper, sounds like a neat deal! At our monthly matches we sometimes have  “dead mans gun” .

What this allows is any pistol that could have been picked up off a battlefield. 7 rounds in the mag staged somewhere along the pistol string. Shooter lays down the empty open 1911 picks up the battlefield pistol shoots 7 lays it down and finishes the stage. Of course no advantage to the shooter but he gets to use that cool old pistol that he only has one mag for in competition at speed. Lots of cool old pistols bleed out of the woodwork including p-38’s,Lugers, 38 hammer colts,hammerless colts,savage automatics tokerovs etc. lots of fun! I would think that would be a successful side match....webleys anyone? Dusty

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