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BAMM and WBAS at Bordertown (Oct 22-23, 2019)

C.N. Double

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We'll be hosting our first-ever BAMM at the Tombstone Livery during the AZ State CAS championship! The WB and BAM matches are side events for this match, but we have 8 great WBAS stages and a fun BAMM ready to go. If you're in the area, we'd love to have you come shoot with us October 22-23 at the Tombstone Livery near Tombstone, AZ. We have room for a few more folks in the WB match -- let me know if you want to pre-register.


BAMM velocities are limited to 1500FPS and projectiles must be lead only (gas checks OK).


I don't expect any excuses about the commute, either. I will be shooting the WBAS extravaganza at the OK and TX state matches Oct 4-6 and Oct 18-20 and then driving overnight back to Tombstone to start setting up Bordertown on the 21st.

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This is a great move. Everyone says what a great WB match Bordertown has. I have never been able to justify the drive for a one day match. But now that it is 8 stages and two days . . I'll have to put it on the schedule for next year. I just had shoulder surgery so this year is out. Tombstone is a great place to shoot, let us know how it went.


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