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Powder for .303 enfield


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For Cast Bullets loading, usually if a powder is good in the .30-06, it works fine for .303 British loads too.   


The range of powders published in the Lyman Cast Bullet loading manual run:

Unique - although it's a little fast for the good 1600-1800 FPS load that usually works well in BAMM competition - but great for plinking



5744  - most accurate in Lyman's testing



And, would not be surprised if you are able to figure out a load with Trail Boss, Reloder 7, Varget or 2230, as well.  Don't know that I would go to a slower powder than that last one.  Not until you get some experience with what your gun likes to shoot.


The .303 is very easy to load for, IF you have a bullet that matches the widely-varying groove diameters in the barrels.  Slug yours to find out.


Good luck, GJ

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