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2019 Nevada State Wild Bunch Match, Battle Born Rangers


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The Battle Born Rangers is holding the 23rd annual ROOP County Days annual SASS match in conjunction with the 3rd annual Nevada State Wild Bunch Championship match September 9 thru the 14th

Why come to our match?

1. The 12 stage SASS match provides something not done at an annual match. Tom Horn with 4 categories. Single shot big bore rifle BP and smokeless, lever action big bore BP and smokeless. These 4 categories make up 40% of our registered shooters. Why? Because where else are you going to get to shoot a big bore rifle during a regular SASS match?

2. ROOP County Days offers a real Long Range side match out to 500 yards

3. If you sign up for both matches you get an entry fee reduction.

4. Free on site dry camping.

5. Gambling to win money for new guns!

Schedule of Events

6. Wild Bunch State Championship  Sept. 9 & 10

7. Sept. 11 long range practice

8. Sept. 12 side matches for both SASS Cowboy and Wild Bunch with separate awards

9. Sept 13 & 14, 12 stage SASS main match.

For more info go to:  http://www.northernnevadacas.com/

Irish Ike


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