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Ed Brown magazines


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Howdy all, first off this ain’t no commercial. I use Tripp’s magazines for my competition pistols and I use Wilson’s for my carry. Very happy with them in respective rolls. Grouchy spike sent me an email showing ed Brown mags  and the promo going on. So I ordered some for door prizes at the Texas state match and ordered one to keep. Took it out and ran it thru the gun 10-15 times. Ran perfect ejected perfect. No tuning or messing with it. So for the deal, send in a crappy mag and 10.00 and they will ship you a new ed Brown mag. Gathered up 7 of these and sent off for 9mm 1911 mags. They came in 85.00 for 7 mags with shipping. Loaded them all up with 9 rounds and went to slinging lead. No jams,no failures to drop......I’m impressed!
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I have a similar experience with these magazines in Ruger 9mm and Colt 38 Super.  I sent all of my worn 45 Auto mags for exchange, complete with followers and springs as they request.


Not a wiggle of a problem so far in hundreds of rounds in range duty.  Haven't tried 45 Auto. 




The base plates do not meet the specs for Wild Bunch, but for use in practice and self-defense cartridges, I'm well satisfied.



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