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Boots worn under military leggings??

Doc Ironbeard

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Silly question time.


Which/what style boots were worn under military canvas and leather leggings for the Wild Bunch period? From pictures they look like some form of lace up "boondockers". Would something like Boot Barns "Ad Tec Men's Packer 9"Work Boots" work? The hell is higher than the military style for the "walking or camp" boots of the era but the shape looks right. Well except for that skirt thing below the first eyelet.


The above packers (less the skirt/kilt thing) looks very very similar to laced military boots of the period....at least to me.


I seem to recall reading in the rules that modern military combat boots were not cool for SASS, but isn't that or something similar what was worn by the military back in the day?


Not questioning the rules, just looking for information and clarification.






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DI , that boot looks to fit right in. What fits over that boot is ww2 leggings. Ww1 used a marching shoe with leggings so that period leggings fits tighter  around the ankle and above. Several places make the ww2 leggings and they actually have different sizes so you will measure around the calf etc. to pick out the size. What price glory has these along with several other company’s.
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The "period" footwear for the US army 1915-ish period was the Model 1912 marching shoe. 

Like what WPG vendor has:



You can see this is essentially "a non lugged short top work boot"


The packer you show is very common and for folks with bad feet, more comfortable and stable.  I wear White's version of of the packer.


If you don't like the kiltie in your lacings, you can trim it or take the kiltie insert completely out of the lacings.    My kilties stay in my boots. 


More period footwear exists that are not Cowboy boots (although a lot of WB shooters wear their Cowboy boots).




Good luck, GJ


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