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Question on costuming period?

Doc Ironbeard

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Wondering what is appropriate in early turn of the twentieth century military kit? Particularly regarding WWI military web gear, holsters and magazine pouches.  Is there a hard and fast cut off year or if the kit stays in the Spirit of that type of gear type/look? For instance, 1911 pistol ammo pouches. There are subtle visual differences between manufactured types produced during WW1 up to WW2 pouches. What is appropriate? How much leeway do you have?


The rules mention to 1916. How hard is that date, if I find kit items from say 1917-1918 but are similar to earlier types is that a problem. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm just starting out and want to avoid any costuming faux pas. I can't wait to break out my 1911-C (civilian production) original Colt that I inherited from my FIL.  8) So I'm trying to put together a kit around that particular military period.



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Oh, JUST COME SHOOT with us!  the weather is starting to be too nice to spend any time indoors pawing through clothing racks!


I usually just have a half-placket solid color twill shirt and canvas jeans.  You only have to look like you are heading for Parral, Chihuahua, if you are really die hard for costume.


Once you shoot a couple matches, you will see there is a lot of latitude in the costume.  If you want a Montana Peak/Drill Instructor hat, fine.  If a sombrero keeps you cool, fine again.  But looking around at matches tells you SO MUCH more than what anyone here will provide in print.


Costume plays a less important role in WB than it does in Cowboy.  Unless you are going for a full-blown military outfit for the costume contest.


If there's "subtle visual differences" - likely no one but Captain Baylor will see them.  As for the gear that you shoot with (belt, holster, pouches)  I'd suggest you start with simple leather and then as it strikes you, add some of the web or canvas gear.  That period gear will not be very fast or comfortable compared to even the simple modern gear.


Good luck, GJ

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As mentioned WB has less emphasis on costuming.  In a lot of the west though the clock turned from nineteenth to twentieth century it was not nuch more than a date.


Technically while cowboy/ranch wear and preWW1 military, I think any late Victorian to Edwardian clothing would be alright.  For reference the Titanic sank in 1912 which gives you an idea of roughly non Western clothing in about the same time frame.

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Wild Bunch ain't stitch counters like NCOWS!


I wear a tan/khaki shirt with felt sergeants stripes, a metal buckled green web belt (dating to around WWII probably), black leather flap holster, canvas mag pouches, tan/khaki cargo pants, Ariat lacers, and a doughboy helmet or green felt campaign hat with yellow cavalry cord.


To be "cinematically correct", I use a .44-40 M92 carbine.  ;)

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